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Bedford Handbook: http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/hacker/bedhandbook/default.html

This website is companion to the Bedford Handbook, which is loaded on the computers in Room 2108F. The web site has information on (1) search engines, (2) reference sites, (3) writing labs, (4) ESL sites, (5) virtual libraries, (6) text archives (books available on-line), (7) government sites, (8)news sites S, (9) newsgroups and listservs, (10) discipline-specific sites, and (11) sites for evaluating sources.


Writing Websites:

Merrian-Webster's Dictionary: http://www.m-w.com/netdict.htm

Purdue OWL: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/writers/introduction.html
Purdue University has one of the most comprehensive on-line writing labs. Their front page has resources to the following: (1) Indexes for Writers, (2) General Subject Directories, (3) Online Reference Resources, (4) Books Online, (5) Guides to Style and Editing , (6) Help with Getting Published, (7) Creative Writing ,(8) Business and Technical Writing, (9) Children and Writing, (10) Professional Organizations, (11) ESL-Related Sites, (12) Listserv Groups, (13) Writing in Special Fields, (14) Online Libraries, (15) Distance Learning Links.



Research and Citation Websites:
Writing Research Papers: http://www.ipl.org/teen/aplus/
MLA-Style Citations: http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/humanities/english.html
APA-Style Citations:http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/social_sciences/intext.html
Encyclopedia Americana Online: http://ea.grolier.com/
Britannica Internet Guide: http://www.ebig.com/
This web site has what they claim to be the world's best Web sites, plus magazines, books, and the complete Encyclopædia Britannica.

Carnegie-Mellon OWL: http://english-server.hss.cmu.edu/
Carnegie-Mellon compiled a list of resources on the following subjects: (1) Art/Architecture, (2) Audio recordings of scholarly presentations, (3) Bad Subjects, a journal discussing current progressive issues, (4) Books, (5) Calls for conference papers and journal articles, (6) Cultronix, a journal of contemporary art and cultural theory, (7) Cultural Logic, an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice, (8) Cultural Theory, readings in cultural studies and critical theory, (9) Cyber Tech/Culture, discussing links between technology and culture, (10) a collection of plays, modern works and classics, (11) Education, (12) select resources in feminism and women's studies, (13) Film, television and other media studies, (14) some resources on gender, sex and sexuality, (15) materials in government, law, and their social implications, (16) works and links in history and historiography, (17) resources about the internet: guides, essays and articles, (18) links to academic journals and popular magazines, (19) a vast collection of works in music and music theory, (20) writings by modern and classical philosophers, (21) Poetry, original and classic verse, literary and poetic theory, (22) materials on race and ethnicity in the U.S., (23) freeware and shareware for your computer, (24) Web Design, a site for discussion of new media design.


Virtual Libraries:
Skyline Library Homepage: http://www.smcccd.cc.ca.us/smcccd/skyline/la/lib/index.html#anchor203794

Skyline College's Eric Brenner compiled much information that is pertinent to the research process such as: (1) Electronic Resource Links, (2) Internet Search Tools, (3) Research Help, (4)Finding Information on the Web, (5) Evaluating Sources, (6) Citing Sources and (7)Finding Periodicals.

As a Skyline student, you also have access to numerous resources. Some of them require that you be on campus, but if you have at least a library card, you can access the book and periodicals indexes to conduct searches. These are Skyline's databases: (1) Book Catalog, (2) Periodical Databases,(3) Newspaper Databases,(4) Literature Database, (5) Online Encyclopedias,(6) Government/Statistics, and (7) Online College Catalogs.

Pennisula Library Homepage: http://plsinfo.org/
As a Skyline student, you have access to all of the San Mateo County libraries. You'll need a library card to access the database from home.

Internet Public Library: http://www.ipl.org/ref/
The Internet Public Library is the first public library of the Internet compiled by librarians. They have links pertaining to the following subjects: (1) Arts & Humanities, (2) Business & Economics, (3) Computers & Internet, (4) Education, (5) Entertainment & Leisure, (6) Health & Medical Sciences, (7) Law, Government & Political Science, (8) Sciences & Technology, and (9) Social Sciences.

Librarian's Index to the Internet: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/internetindex/
The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 5,600 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. It's meant to be used by both librarians and non-librarians as a reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources.

The Scout Report: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/scout/report

Maintained by the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Scout Report is a weekly publication offering a selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: http://vlib.org/
This site has resources on the following subjects: (1) Agriculture, (2) Beer and Brewing, (3) Gardening, (4) Business and Finance, (5) Transportation, (6) Computer Science,(7) Communications and Media , (7) Education , (8) Engineering, (9) Humanities, including Anthropology, Art, Dance, History, Museums, Philosophy, (10) Information Management , (11) International Affairs, (12) Law, (13) Recreation and Games, Gardening, Sport, (14) Regional Studies: Asian, Latin American, West European, (15) Biosciences, Health, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and (16) Political Science, Religion, Social Sciences.

Argus Clearinghouse: http://www.clearinghouse.net/
This clearinghouse is an internet research library on: (1) Arts & Humanities, (2) Business & Employment, (3) Communication, (4) Computers & Information Technology, (5) Education, (6) Engineering, (7) Environment, (8) Government & Law, (9) Health & Medicine, (10) Places & Peoples, (11) Recreation, (12) Science & Mathematics, and (13) Social Sciences & Social Issues.


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