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MENTORS 2006-2007

Jeff Acidera...Daisy Araica ... AJ Bates... James Carranza...Luciana Castro...Alma Cervantes ... Carlos Colombetti ... Brian Daniel...Maria Escobar... Kathleen de Azevedo Feinblum... Jonathan Freedman... Kell Fujimoto...Ileana Gadea ... Kenny Gonzalez... Raymond Hernandez ... Rick Hough ... Jennifer Hughes... Lucia Lachmayr... Anita Martinez ... Tyrone Navarro ...Guillermo Ortiz ...Tiffany Reardon... Raquel Rojas...Alita Sanchez......Paula Silva....Orlando Tolbert...Tadashi Tsuchida...John Ulloa...Tina Vasquez...Guillermo Villanueva

Daisy R. Araica araica@smccd.edu 650-738-4158

o Skyline Mathematics Professor

o B.A. UC Santa Cruz; M.A. SFSU

o CMC3 California Math Council for Community Colleges; MERCOATA

o tennis, gardening, belief in God

o I love children. I have strong ties to my family and my mother.

Alma Elena Cervantes Cervantes@smccd.edu 650-738-4368

o Skyline College Business Professor (Multimedia)

o B.A. American Studies UCLA; M.A. Multimedia Art CSU HAYWARD; film and television script writer certificate INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF FILM & TV CUBA

o Watching foreign movies, reading and writing

o love good coffee, and world music. I am a great listener!

Jeff Acidera acidera@smccd.edu 650-738-4342

o Skyline EOPS Counselor

oUniversity of Hawaii - Bachelor of Business Administration; San Francisco State University - Masters of Science in College and Career Counseling; University of San Francisco - Completed 15 units for Doctor of Education in International and Multicultural Education

oDelivered meals for Project Open Hand, Practicing Buddhist for 17 years.

oTravel especially to Europe and Central America. Photography.

oBorn and raised in Hawaii on the island of Maui. 1st generation college student. I have worked as a newspaper delivery boy, the front counter at McDonalds, fieldworker in the sugar cane fields, management trainee for a department store, and Marketing Director for a credit union.

Ileana Gadea gadeai@smccd.edu (650) 306-3141

o Project Director, University Center at Canada College

o Master in social work, Louisiana State University. I obtained a degree in Education in Costa Rica, and a degree in Psychology in Mexico City.

o I am an associate clinical social worker, volunteer with MANA-Hermanitas, will start volunteering with the Asian Art Museum

o going to concerts, learning about art, going for walks around San Francisco. I am interested in social work, politics, literature, the public school system.

o I worked in my country of origin, Nicaragua, as an adult education coordinator. I worked as a preschool teacher for a couple of years. I have worked in the Bay Area since 1995 as a social worker. I have worked with people with developmental disabilities. I have worked in the foster care system. I am a strong supporter of public education. I love the community college system. I work hard to help students get an education. I enjoy providing training to Spanish speaking parents about the school system so that they can help their children.

Raymond Hernandez hernandezr@smccd.edu 650-738-4457

o Skyline Respiratory Therapy Program Director. I administrate an allied health care program which prepares people to become Respiratory therapists.

o BA, Health Services Administration; AS, Respiratory Therapy

o Program Committee member for the American Lung Association, Education co-chair for the California Professional Organization for Respiratory Care.

o outdoor activities…biking, hiking, racquetball, exploring; going to the movies

o I speak Spanish. Parents are originally from Mexico but I was born as a California Boy.

Rick Hough hough@smccd.edu (650) 738-4193

o Skyline Associate Math Professor

o BS Math UCSB, MA Math UCB

o CMC3 (California Math Council for Community Colleges)

o music (guitar, singing, listening), fitness, reading , movies

o married, hoping to start a family soon

John Ulloa ulloaj@smccd.edu ( 650 ) 738-4121

o Skyline Instructor of History and Cultural Anthropology

o A.A./A.S. Modesto Junior College, B.A. History SFSU, M.A. History (Latin American Focus) SFSU, M.A. Cultural Anthropology SFSU

o American Historical Association, American Association of Anthropology, Latin American Anthropology Association

o I am a professional musician. I play Latin Percussion, and I have forthcoming CD due out September 2006. I enjoy traveling and studying people.

o I was a community college student for 6 years. I am sensitive to the varying needs and learning styles of students, and I fully embrace the diversity that community college presents.

I want to be a mentor, because I feel that I am now in a position to give back to students what was given to me by my mentors. The people that mentored me at the community college level are still my mentors to this day. In other words, they are now critical in my professional growth and development. They gave me a skill set that I want to share with other students.

In the past, I was a tutor for an organization in San Francisco called PACT, Inc. We tutored at risk youth at McAteer High School. Most of what we did was mentoring with some tutoring involved. Most of the time the students simply needed someone to talk with. I also am bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Anita Martinez Anita.martinez@marin.edu, (415) 457-8811

o Vice President of Student Learning, College of Marin

o AA, Communications; BA, English and MA, English (San Francisco State), MA, Education (UC-Berkeley), EdD (ABD) (UC-Berkeley)

o Commissioner, Human Services Department (Welfare Department), City and County of San Francisco; Immediate Past Chair, Northern California Network, Office of Women in Higher Education, American Council on Education; Board Member, Jamestown Community Center (after-school program in the San Francisco Mission District); Board Member, LULAC National Education Service Center (LNESC), San Francisco; Co-President, Bay Area MANA (a chapter of MANA, a national Latina organization) and Co-President, Bay Area MANA (a chapter of MANA, a national Latina organization) and mentor, The Hermanitas Program; Immediate past director, California District 10, California LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens); Scholarship reader, the Hispanic Scholarship Fundo reading, shopping (especially at the outlets- I am cheap), spending time with my family and friends, spending time with our Hermanitas in a local mentoring program, watching old movies on tv.

o I appreciate the opportunity to be a mentor so that I can give back to the California community colleges and to our Latino community. I am the first in my family to finish high school and the first, but not last, to go to college. I became an English major because I was angry with a teacher who told me that I could not write. (I guess I showed him, huh!) One of the students in the first English composition class I taught at San Francisco State is now the State Director of Puente. I have been gratified to see my former students surpass me in achievement. I have a bachelor's degree, two master's degrees, and almost a doctorate, but the degree of which I am most proud is my associate's degree from San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. Learning to go to college was the toughest and most important part of my education; I learned that in my community college. If not selected as a mentor to an individual, I am happy to be of any service to any of our Puente students.

Paula Silva silvap@smccd.net ( 650 ) 378-7301 x19684


o English Instructor: I teach college composition part-time and I am also an academic mentor at City College of San Francisco.

o I love playing, singing, dancing, and talking with my one year-old daughter Lila. I also like listening and dancing to live music, especially Cuban Son, Charranga, Latin Jazz, and Mexican Folk music.

o A.A./A.S. City College of San Francisco ; B.A./B.S. University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A./M.S. San Francisco State University

o I am on the board of the Latina Literature Project and am also one of their public speakers.

o What else would you like the students to know about you?

I am a first generation college student who has overcome many educational obstacles. My high school teachers would NEVER believe that I made it to college, let alone believe that I became a college instructor. I love teaching; my students give me energy, wisdom, and hope for the future. I also speak Spanish

o I was once a community college student and I owe a lot to the people who guided me through my educational process. I could not have done it alone. I never thought I'd be in the position to mentor someone like me, but I am. For me, being a mentor would be an honor.

o I mentored students at CCSF for several years while I was an undergrad and while I was completing my teaching credential. I worked with a program called Education in Action that provided mentorship for underrepresented students at CCSF.

I am currently the Academic Mentor for the women's basketball team at CCSF. I organize and attend a mandatory study hall twice a week.

Guillermo Ortiz Ortiz@smccd.edu 650-738-4120

o Skyline Marketing Professor

o BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. MS in Materials Science and Engineering and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. MBA from Santa Clara University

o I am an avid amateur astronomer and love tinkering with machines; anything, from cars to toasters.

o I am a US citizen but consider myself having one foot firmly planted in the American culture and the other in the Hispanic culture. I value the richness and the good that each has to offer, and I always say that I have no desire to "move" either foot. I consider this duality an advantage, offering diverse and invaluable perspectives of life. I speak Spanish fluently (better than English) but I am a better writer in English! I make an effort not to mix the two languages.

Tiffany Reardon Reardon@smccd.edu 650-738-4244

o Director of Skyline's MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement) Program

o BA Sociology San Francisco State University; MA Education San Francisco State University (SP 04);lWill apply to PhD program in 05 (God willing J)

o Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers; Society for the Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science; Advisor for Skyline Science & Math Club; Advisor for Skyline College SHPE Chapter; Workshop Coordinator; Scholarship reader, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund

o Reading; travel; studying Buddhism, current events; working out

o I had my daughter at a young age (19) so I am living proof that you can work, go to college, and raise a child!!

Kathleen de Azevedo Feinblum feinblumk@smccd.edu 650-738-4477

o English professor, Skyline

o San Francisco State U. (B.A. Theatre Arts); University of Washington (MFA Creative Writing, english)

o I belong to the teachers union (AFT) and have worked for the rights of part-time teachers.

o reading, creative writing, dancing especially tango and samba, hiking in the outdoors, traveling, movies, (especially off beat and foreign movies), global issues, Brazilian and Latino folklore.

o I was born in Brazil but came here as a kid. I was raised as an American child but with a lot of Brazilian things in the house, including music. I used to work in the San Francisco high schools doing theatre with students. I am also a writer in my spare time.

Lucia Lachmayr lachmayrl@smccd.edu 650-358-6889 ext. 9538

o Lecturer in English, Skyline Community College and San Francisco State University

oA.A. San Diego Mesa College; B.A. English Literature, SFSU; M.A. English Composition, SFSU; Certificate in Teaching English at the Post-Secondary Level, SFSU; M.A. English Literature, SFSU, in progress

o(MELUS) The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S.; (NCCRA) Northern California College Reading Association (President); (ECCTYC) English Council of California Two-Year Colleges; (NCTE) National Council for Teachers of English; (MLA) Modern Language Association; CRAFT (Composition and Reading for Future Teachers) mentor

o I'm a big fan of reading and will read just about anything from comic books to contemporary fiction to Shakespeare. I also like reading and writing poetry. I especially like going to poetry slams-they have really revitalized the form, and they're so much fun! A lot of energy there, which is what language is all about to me. When I'm not curled up with a good book, I'm out either being walked by my dog, riding my bike, motorcycling, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, going to movies, hanging out with my friends and solving the world's problems or just walking around, getting lost and discovering new places.

o As a community college graduate, I know the difference even one person can make in the college experience. I enjoyed my schooling so much more because I had certain teachers and friends who encouraged me to succeed, which is the reason I am where I am today. I'm thrilled to be back as a teacher in a community college setting and would love to be able to have my career come full circle by encouraging students just as I was once encouraged by my teachers.

Alita Sanchez alitasanchez@sbcglobal.net (510)414-1628

o Adapted Physical Education Specialist-- Teach physical education directly to students with disabilities; consult with Special Education teachers and physical educators, develop goals for physical education goals for students with disabilities; develop curriculum for programs.

o Secondary teaching credential in Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education (San Francisco State University); English Literature (UC Santa Cruz B.A.)

o California Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance

o running, reading literature, volunteer work

o I love my career!

Carlos A. Colombetti Colombetti@smccd.edu 650-738-4394

oSkyline College, Philosophy Professor

oFoothill Community College; U. C. Berkeley (B.A.); U. C. Irvine (Ph.D.)

o My favorite pastime is to read at my local café (I read mostly philosophy and science, some history, trashy novels). I also enjoy movies (especially thrillers and sci-fi), and eating well (I'm a pretty good cook). I'm currently working on a book entitled "The Doubting Thomas Guide to Refuting the Resurrection" that I'm co-authoring with a colleague and friend from Irvine.

o I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Argentina (where all my family is from), moved back to the US when I was 8. Spanish was my first language, though now I'm a bit rusty. I'm now trying to learn Italian on my own with the help of language tapes. I love to travel and have spent summers in Barcelona, Paris, and Treviso (near Venice). Last year I taught classes in London through the Semester Abroad program.

Tyrone Navarro tyronenavarro@aol.com 415-533-0707

o Financial Aid Advisor, City College of San Francisco

o BA - UC Berkeley ; MBA - USF

o Board, Horizons Unlimited, St. Vincent de Paul Volunteer

o Swimming, jogging, movies, politics

James Carranza carranza@smccd.edu 650 574-6568

o Assistant Professor of English, College of San Mateo

o BA, English, UCSB; MA, literature, SFSU

o Surfrider Foundation, USA Water Polo, and the typical teacher organizations

o surfing, Master's water polo, playing guitar, reading (anything)

o I know a lot about Puente and the goals Puentista's should have. And I'm a good listener. (When my mouth is taped shut)

Luciana Castro castrol@smccd.edu 650-738-4407

o Associate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Languages Coordinator, Skyline College

o Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil B. A. in Linguistics and University of California, Los Angeles M.A. and Ph. D. Hispanic Languages and Literatures

oI belong to several foreign languages associations basically all interested in the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speaking worlds. I love to travel and play with children. I also love plants, gardening and cooking Latino and Italian food.

oI love my work with foreign languages and different cultures. Although I am proficient in 5 languages I actively speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English everyday.

Tina Vasquez twinsaa1996@yahoo.com 650 291 4160

o Graduate Student

o AA from Skyline College, BA in Liberal Studies, and working on my Master's in Special Education

o SSF Women's Club

o Gardening, Soccer w/Kids, and Movies

o I have seven boys, the last ones twin boys.

AJ Bates batesa@smccd.edu 650-738-4374

o Skyline College Chemistry Professor

o BS in Biochemistry and MAT in Chermistry, Indiana University, Bloomington

o Cyclist in the AIDS-Lifecycle (to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation). Skyline College Gay-Straight Alliance co-sponsor.

o Cycling, hiking, travel, photography, and movies.

o I have worked in learning environments all my life - as a camp counselor, as a tutor, in my family business, as a graduate student, as a high school teacher, and now as a community college instructor. In each of these jobs, I have found new challenges to face. And, in every case, there has been someone who has helped me learn about my new environment and encouraged me to participate and succeed. I hope I can provide that kind of encouragement to a student in the program.

Tadashi Tsuchida Tsuchida@smccd.edu (650) 738 - 4461

o Professor of Mathematics, Skyline College & MESA (Mathematics, Science, Engineering Achievement) faculty advisor

o SFSU, BA & MA in Mathematics

o Photography, Travel, Backpacking

Maria Escobar escobar@smccd.edu 650-738-4484

o Director, Skyline EOPS & Special Programs, oversee the daily operation of three programs that provide a range of support and educational services to students that are low income, and educationally disadvantaged.

o BA - University of San Francisco, Psychology; M. Ed. & Ed. D. - Pennsylvania State University, Counselor Education

o FACCC, ACCA, CCCEOPSA, USF and Penn State Alumni Associations, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

o Giants baseball, needle work, wood working; traveling

o I am a first generation college student; the first in my family to graduate from college and receive advanced degrees. I was born in Guatemala, am fully bilingual and am very proud of my Latino heritage.

Jonathan Freedman freedmanj@smccd.edu (650) 738 - 7032

o Skyline College Math Professor

o BA-- UC Santa Cruz; MA-- Stanford; MA-- SF State

o Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, GLSTEN/ NCTM, CMC, CMC^3

o Music (guitar), hiking, kayaking, fishing, wood working

o I'm also a part time electrician.

Kell Fujimoto kfujimot@email.sjsu.edu(408) 924-5910

o San Jose State Psychologist: Provide individual, couple, and group therapy to college students.

o Psy.D. Argosy University/Honolulu; M.Ed. University of Hawaii at Manoa; B.A. University of Hawaii at Manoa

o American Psychological Association; American Counseling Association; American College Counseling Association

o Golf & Tennis

Brian Daniel danielb@smccd.edu (650) 738-4180

oRespiratory Care Practitioner-- Director, Clinical Education (Skyline College Respiratory Therapy Program); Clinical Research Coordinator (CVRI/UCSF); Assistant Professor, Physiologic Nursing (UCSF)

oLoma Linda Univ / Skyline College

oCalifornia Thoracic Society; California Society for Respiratory Care; American Association for Respiratory Care; American College of Chest Physicians; Society for Critical Care Medicine

Jennifer Hughes hughesj@smccd.edu (650) 738-4124

o Skyline Dean of Counseling: Provide leadership and management of the counseling, career, transfer, DSPS and outreach programs.

o BA, Sociology, Cortland State University, New York; MA, Counseling, CSU, Bakersfield; MFT License

o Member of CAMFT (Marriage and Family Therapist)

o Running, Traveling, Eating Good Food, Watching the Sunrise.

Kenny Gonzalez gonzalezk@smccd.edu (650) 738-4281

o Program Services Coordinator, Student Services

o M.S. Counseling - SFSU; B.A. Psychology - SFSU

oInvolved in bridging the gap to higher education; Marriage Family and Children Counselor (MFCC); Volunteer as guide in the following areas: whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, cross country skiing, ropes courses and rock climbing.

oHUGE GIANTS FAN; Enjoy professional sports

o Skyline Alumni

Alex Pfaeffle pfaeffle@smccd.edu 650.738-7020

o Instructional aide, Skyline Automotive Department

oSan Mateo College - 2 years; Flight Engineer, Air Controller and Aircraft Mechanic-- learned my career skills in the U.S. Navy

osailing, flying, swimming, canoeing, kayak, soccer, horsebackriding.

Guillermo Villanueva villanuevag@smccd.edu (650) 738-4147

oTRIO counselor (Academic, Career, Financial Aid Advising)

o B.S in Kinesiology & M.S in Counseling

oCoaching and playing soccer

Raquel Rojas Raquel.rojas@evc.edu 408-390-0277

o Enlace English Instructor at Evergreen Valley College

oBA-English-Creative Writing, San Francisco State; MA-Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Chicano Literature, Creative Writing, and History, San Diego State University

oWriting, reading, baking (cheesecake!), visiting San Francisco (any neighborhood fascinates me), watching movies (classics, drama, a bit of comedy);

o San Francisco Giants!, baseball, history (in particular the Mexican-American and Chicano/a experience), Mesoamerica period (Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, etc.)

oI truly am excited to be a member of Skyline College and to encourage students to seek an advance education, as well as to participate actively in their community (off and on campus). As a first generation Mexican-American, who has made it and survived the college system, I can relate to the many struggles that students encounter in their life (both school and at home).

Orlando Tolbert todditodd@yahoo.com 415-760-1146

o Budget Analyst: Preparing and monitoring a $1.6 million budget for Mental Health Facility.

Real Estate & Business Investments: - Owner: Locate properties for purchase. Either rent for profit or use as a separate business enterprise, ie Group Home, Residential Care Home, etc. Prepare personal and business taxes. Loan consultant for refinancing or purchase.

oBA Business Management; MBA Business Administration

oNational Association of Playground Inspectors; American Home Inspector Training; University Of Pacific Alumni Network

oFamily time; Reading; Chess; Billiards (Shooting Pool); PS-2 games (beginner but improving); Hip-Hop Gear; Friday Nights; etc.

oBeing an inspiration and providing direction to other people striving towards specific and attainable goals.

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