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Biology 230

Cell Structure and Microscopy

(BIOL 230, Lab Experiment 3)

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Which cells (from this lab) are shown below?
Which slide was stained with iodine?


cells cells

Define oxidization and reduction.
Janus Green is colorless when it is reduced.
electron transport chain
Mitochondria may be observed in living cells with the aid of a vital stain called Janus Green B. This stain is colored when it is an oxidizing agent. When the mitochondria are actively engaged in cellular respiration, the stain acts as a hydrogen acceptor and becomes reduced and colorless. The Janus Green B will stain the mitochondria right away, but as you watch over a few minutes, the stain will fade.

cho cell

Chinese hamster ovary cell. The nuclear DNA is blue, the mitochondria are green, and the lysosomes are red. Photo by Douglas Kline.