Anthrax: A Primer

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1. Anthrax is caused by
a. A bacterium
b. A virus
c. A fungus
d. Chemicals

2. Which of the following is the least likely method of transmission of anthrax?
a. Skin
b. Inhalation
c. Ingestion
d. Person-to-person

3. Anthrax is
a. Untreatable
b. Fatal within hours
c. Treated with antibiotics
d. Treated with vaccination

4. All of the following are true about B. anthracis except
a. It occurs naturally in the United States
b. It is synthetic
c. It is a rod-shaped bacterium
d. Cells have capsules

5. Anthrax vaccination is recommended for all of the following except
a. Infants
b. Laboratory personnel
c. Military personnel
d. People who handle animal products

6. Pre-exposure treatment for anthrax is
a. Penicillin
b. Cipro
c. Vaccination
d. None of the above

7. Bacillus anthracis was first discovered in
a. The 18th century
b. The 19th century
c. The 20th century
d. It's laboratory-made

8. Bacillus anthracis is a "good" biological weapon because it can be stored and aerosolized.
This is because
a. It is a bacterium
b. It kills quickly
c. It produces endospores
d. It is resistant to antibiotics

9. Gloves will protect against
a. Pulmonary anthrax
b. Intestional anthrax
c. Cutaneous anthrax
d. All of the above

10. The most important way to prevent the spread of infection is
a. Take vitamins
b. Eat healthy foods
c. Wash your hands
d. All of the above

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