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Sweeney Ridge Hiking Trails

Christine Case, Skyline College

 Baquiano Trail

Round-trip: 2.6 miles
Elevation change: level


For those who want a longer hike. The Baquiano (Scout, in Spanish) Trail begins at the Discovery Site and leads to an overlook. A benchmark noting the 1220-;foot elevation is at the trailhead. A Calera limestone quarry is visible near the Ocean.

This trail follows a ridge at about 1000 feet in elevation. Stands of Eucalyptus, coyote brush, sage, and sticky monkeyflower grow in the canyons. Homes in Vallemar are visible to the northwest. This trail ends at a turn­around. There are undeveloped trails leading out to Cabrillo Highway (1) in Pacifica.


Sweeney Ridge Trail
Following the Sweeney Ridge Trail to the south is a level walk about three-fourths mile to the San Francisco State Fish and Game Refuge. You must turn back at the gate as this area is closed to hikers. Following this trail to the North will take you to the Mori Ridge Trail and to the Skyline College trail.