Astronomy on the Internet

Here are some interesting internet sites that you can log onto:

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope



News about the Cassini spacecraft. This is a mission to Saturn & its largest moon, Titan.

The best place to look for the discovery of new, extrasolar planets.

A site run by astronomy students from the University of Arizona with seemingly lots of time on their hands. Excellent site for all sorts of stuff.

A great site run by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. It has links to all sorts of neat sky stuff.


For the latest info on the the Mars Exploration program.

This site will tell you all about the Space Shuttle.

What is the sun doing now? Are there any comets visible? You can find out bylooking at this site.

Looking for satellites? Try this site!

Want to find out how bogus some of the sci-fi movies are? See this fun site!