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Biology 240
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Journal Article
  Find a recent article (i.e., published during the last 12 months) in a scientific journal on a topic in Microbiology and provide the following information in a one to two page report. Look through several past issues and read several articles before you find one that suits your needs. The article must be an experiment (not a letter, note, summary, or abstract) and report experimental results. In your own words, write an abstract of the article providing the information listed below.
Choosing an article and journal:

There are many appropriate scientific and medical journals from which to choose. To evaluate the appropriateness of a Journal, the following should be true:

Is the Journal associated with a professional society?
Do the articles list the author's references?
Are the articles written by the researchers, not a news reporter?
Do the articles include data in tables and graphs?
Do the articles include references cited?

Note: PubMed is not a journal, it is an index to published medical jountals.

National Geographic, Scientific American, Science News, and similar popular magazines are not appropriate for this assignment.

Use PubMed or ASM or Science Databases to search for articles.

Your report must be typed. Refer to the Style Sheet for directions. Answer the following questions.
1. Citation in proper format.*

2. Institution at which the work was done.

3. Purpose of the work reported.

4. Procedures the researchers used.

5. Results the researchers obtained.

6. Copy one table or graph and, in your own words, describe what these data show.

7. Conclusions the researchers reached.

8. Of what value to humans or to the body of knowledge is the work described?

*Citation example S. Yoder, C. Argueta, A. Holtzman, T. Aronson, O. G. W. Berlin, P. Tomasek, N. Glover, S. Froman, and G. Stelma. "PCR Comparison of Mycobacterium avium Isolates Obtained from Patients and Foods." Appl Environ. Microbiol. 265(6):2650-2653, 1999.
  (The format is authors. Article title. Journal. Vol.(issue #): pp-pp, date.)
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