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Sweeney Ridge Hiking Trails

Christine Case, Skyline College

 Mori Ridge Trail

Mori Ridge Trail starts at the Shelldance Nursery in Pacifica.
Round-trip: 4.4 miles
Elevation change: 1020 feet


Take highway 1 to Pacifica. Shelldance Nursery is on the east side of the highway, one-half mile south of Sharp Park Blvd.

This trail is mostly through grasslands that were used for livestock grazing. A few Monterey Pines are on the knolls. Coyote brush is evident in the canyons.

In about 1 mile, you will see the junction with the Skyline College Trail. Keep to the right (south) to go the Discovery Site. When you reach the Portolá Discovery Site you can do some exploring.

Mori Point was named for Jack Mori who had a roadhouse near Salada Beach.