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Please note that the homework is listed according to the day it was assigned. Assume that it must be completed by the following class meeting unless otherwise noted. Because open book quizzes are always a possibility, underline significant passages and jot down notes in the margins for quick and easy reference.

Any revisions are noted with


(14) Wednesday, April 27-Interchange Transcript
OUTCOME: Analyze the themes in the novel.
See the past Monday’s homework.

(15) Wednesday, May 4-Interchange Transcript
OUTCOME: Analyze Yunior and Abelard and the themes in the novel.
Draw from the literary criticism to write an essay proposal, and include a rough thesis (or more).
By Monday, from TBWLoOW, read and annotate 263- 307 and complete a double-entry journal with four quotes.


(17) Monday & Wednesday May 16 & 18new

Work on your fourth essay, which is due on Friday. Staple the essay on top of the two blue peer response sheets.

Prepare for the final exam, which is on Wednesday, May 25, from 11:10- 1:40, in 2117B (the computer lab). Bring a one-page "cheat sheet," your novel, and a flash drive so that you can periodically "save" your exam. You also have the option of handwriting in pen.


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