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  • 2006-2007 Transfer Students: Silvia Cervantes, Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz; Soe Doh, International Business, San Francisco State University, Anthony Gracia, Psychology, University of Calilfornia, Berkeley; Marsha Guevara, Social Work; San Francisco State University; Kate Joshua, Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz; Ivan Martinez, Criminal Justice, California State University, East Bay; Esperanza Navas, Psychology; San Francisco State Univesity; Luis Padilla, History, University of California, Santa Cruz; Abraham Perez, Design and Industry, San Francisco State University; Yvette Rodriguez, Journalism & Mass Communications, San Jose State University; Brian Yee, Business, University of California, Berkeley.


  • 2006-2007 Graduates: Yami Armas- Lacayo, AS Business Administration; Carolina Berrios, AS Administrative Assistant; Silvia Cervantes, AS Natural Science; Astrid Donnelly, AA Liberal Arts; Anthony Gracia, AA; Marsha Guevara, AA University Studies; Ivan Martinez, AA Liberal Arts; Lidia Meinguer-Cruz, AA Liberal Arts; Araceli Moore, AS Business Administration/ Accounting; Esperanza Navas, AA University Studies/ Psychology, AS Computer Information Specialist; Luis Padilla, AA Liberal Arts/ University Studies; Shawna Peneyra, AA Liberal Arts;Ana-Maria Perez, AA Liberal Arts;Abraham Perez, AA Liberal Arts; Anthony Perez, AA Liberal Arts; Yvette Rodriguez, AA Liberal Arts; Brian Yee, AA Liberal Arts/ University Studies (High Honors)


  • 2005-2006 Transfer Students: A. Lorena Alfaro, Business Administration, University of San Francisco; Lidia Meinguer, Psychology, California State University, East Bay; Alejandra Gamez, Psychology, San Francisco State University; Carmen Lescano, Nursing, University of San Francisco; Leticia Mora, Social Work, San Francisco State University; Ana Munguia, International Relations, San Francisco State University; Joaquin Ochoa, Jr., Speech Communications, San Francisco State University; Ana-Maria Perez, Liberal Studies/Education, San Francisco State University; Yvette Ruiz, Speech Pathology, University of Nevada, Reno; Daniel Tostado, Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz; Brenda Valencia, English, San Francisco State University


  • 2005-2006 Graduates: A. Lorena Alfaro, AS Business Administration; Alberto (Beto), Avila, AA Liberal Arts; Yajaira Barba, AA University Studies; Silvia Cervantes,AA University Studies (Phi Theta Kappa); Alejandra Gamez, AA Liberal Arts; Cristo Matal Sol, AA Liberal Arts; Lidia Meinguer- Cruz, AS Early Childhood Education; Peter Monrroy, AA Administration of Justice; Leticia Mora, AA Liberal Arts;Ana Munguia, AA Liberal Arts;Joaquin Ochoa, Jr., AS Business Administration; Daniel Tostado, AA Liberal Arts; Brenda Valencia, AA University Studies (Honors Transfer Program); Cassandra (Chana) Zuniga (nee Camacho), AA Liberal Arts


  • 2004-2005 Transfer Students: Sandra Aragon, Psychology, SFSU; Saskia Garay, Computer Engineering, SJSU; Cristo Mata Sol, Political Science, UC Davis


  • 2004- 2005 Graduates: Sandra Aragon, AA Psychology, SFSU; Roberto Daza, AA University Studies; Ivette Guzman, AS Accounting; Nessreen Kamal Heishan, AS Marketing ; Peter Monnroy, AA Liberal Arts ; Lizette Varela, AA University Studies



  • 2006-2007 Scholarships
    • Silvia Cervantes: Skyline Student Services; ASSC; Skyline Classified Council; Skyline Staff and Faculty; San Mateo Credit Union; Cesar Chavez; UCSC Karl Pister Leadership Opportunity Program Award
    • Arturo Duarte: Friends of Skyline; Rick Moreno Memorial; SMCCC Foundation 40th Anniversary
    • Mauricio Flores: Friends of Skyline
    • Anthony Gracia: Skyline Student Services; Dale and Helen Mersereau; SMCCCD Retirees’
    • Luis Padilla-Porras: Graduating Class Award; Dale and Helen Mersereau
    • Marcia Soares: Chicana/Latina Scholarship
    • Jack (JT) Torres: MESA scholarship; SMCCC Foundation 40th Anniversary
    • Brian Yee: Dale and Helen Mersereau Scholarship


  • 2005- 2006 Scholarships
    • A. Lorena Alfaro: Associated Students of Skyline Scholarship; Fresh and Natural Scholarship; G.W. Williams Investment Scholarship
    • Silvia Cervantes: Cypress Lawn Community Support Scholarship; Cesar Chavez Scholarship
    • Alejandra Gamez: Counseling Department Scholarship; San Mateo Credit Union Scholarship; Cesar Chavez Scholarship
    • Anthony Gracia: Classified Council/Staff Scholarship; Friends of Skyline Scholarship
    • Carmen Lescano: AAUW/Ethel Gayman Endowment Scholarship; Skyline College Staff and Faculty Scholarship
    • Irma Mendoza: Peggy and Ray Daba Scholarship
    • Peter Monrroy: Friends of Skyline Scholarship; Maggie McBride Scholarship
    • Abraham Perez: Friends of Skyline Scholarship; Len Herzstein Home Furnishings Scholarship
    • Marcia Soares: Friends of Skyline Scholarship; Larry Williams Memorial Scholarship
    • Daniel Tostado: Dale and Helen Mersereau Scholarship; San Mateo County Retired teachers Association Scholarship; Woo Family Scholarship
    • Brenda Valencia: Dale and Helen Mersereau Scholarship; Skyline Student Services Scholarship


  • 2004-2005 Scholarships
    • Alejandra Gamez: Atkinson Foundation Scholarship; Counseling Department Scholarship
    • Carmen Lescano-Cesar Chavez Scholarship; Assistive Technology Equipment Award
    • Irma Mendoza & Dina Valdelomar: EOPS/CARE Student Recognition Award
    • Hector Orozco: Cesar Chavez Scholarship ; Cypress Lawn Community Support Scholarship ; Doris E. Bray Memorial Scholarship; Michael L. Breslin Memorial Scholarship




2007: Marcia Soares, Phi Theta Kappa's (Beta Theta Omicron) Regional Literary Award



  • 2005-2006: Sarah Figueroa; Stitch Donelan; Brenda Valencia


  • 2004-2005: Kate Joshua



Dean's List

  • Fall 2006 Academic Dean's LIst: Arturo Duarte; Anthony Gracia; Giovanne Renteria; Brigette Santamaria; Jack (JT) Torres
  • Spring 2006 Academic Dean's List:Arturo Duarte; Sarah Figueroa; Alejandra Gamez; Anthony Gracia; Carmen Lescano (PT), Lidia Meinguer, Ana-Maria Perez; Yvette Rodriguez, Marcia Soares (PT)
  • Fall 2006 Academic Dean's List: Anthony Gracia, Ana-Maria Perez
  • Fall 2004 Academic Dean's List: Sandra Aragon (PT); Kate Joshua (PT); Hector Orozco; Ana-Maria Perez


Honors Transfer Program Graduates

  • 2005-2006: Ana-Maria Perez ; Brenda Valencia


Phi Theta Kappa

  • 2006-2007: Jack (JT) Torres; Brian Yee
  • 2004-2005: Hector Orozco


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