Red-eyed tree frog, Central America

Biology 101
"Man is embedded in nature. The biologic science of recent years has been making this a more urgent fact of life. The new, hard problem will be to cope with the dawning, intensifying realization of just how interlocked we are"—Lewis Thomas

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BIOL 101—Our Biological World

Biology is part of all of our lives: as humans and as citizens and voters. Many of the issues we deal with each day, such as health, genetic counseling, energy alternatives, and land use, deal with biology. In this course you will learn basic principles of biology and to objectively apply them to your decisions on health and medicine, nutrition, and the environment. In addition to learning how science is done, the lab requirement is designed to help you learn to collect data and apply that information to problem-solving.

Belk, C. and V. Borden Maier. Biology: Science for Life, with Physiology, 6th ed. San Francisco: Pearson, 2019.

Fall 2021. See Canvas
The course will be online with assignments to complete each week at your own pace.



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