Seven-eleven crab. South Pacific

Biology 215

Lab Help Pages
"A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales."
-Marie Curie
Christine Case  

These pages are designed to help you interpret your lab results and to understand biological concepts. The photographs on these pages cannot replace the experience gained from doing the experiments.


Lab Contents

1. Observations. How to use a key activity | Lab protocol (from lab manual)

2. Microscopy

3. Scientific Method | Graphing

4. Function and Behavior

5. Diffusion and Osmosis

6. Nutrient Procurement | damselfly

7. The Fetal Pig | Age

8. Digestive Enzymes | Protease | Sample Sign Test | Binomial probabilities

9. Photosynthesis

10. Gas Exchange in Animals

11. Cloning | Asepsis study guide | Asepsis pre-test

12. The Plant Life Cycle

13. Industrial Microbiology

14. Cation Absorption by Lichens

15. Biological Transport in Animals

16. Biological Transport in Plants

17. Urogenital System

18. Regulation of H2O

19. Glycogen Metabolism

20. Coordination: Plants | root article.pdf

21. Hormonal Regulation in Plants

22. Biological Insecticides. Insect anatomy | Asepsis | Hornworms & Koch's postulates

23. Growth



24. Meiosis

25. Fertilization. Animal | Plant

26. Development

27. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance | Chi square P values | Problem sets

28. Evolution of Serum Proteins

29. Mammals and Evolution

30. Blood Group Determination

31. Mechanisms of Evolution

32. Field trip. Sweeney Ridge is a different location with similar vegetation.

33. Population Growth

Statistical tables

Class data spreadsheets